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16 Floyd County Sophomores and Juniors Move Forward in Governor's Honors Selection Process


16 Floyd County Sophomores and Juniors Move Forward in Governor's Honors Selection Process
Pictured: FCS GHP Finalists & Alternates

Dedicated students competed recently for the opportunity to go to school during the summer. 16 of Floyd County Schools’ (FCS) top students were selected to advance in the Governor's Honors Program (GHP) selection process and will interview at the state level for an opportunity to participate in the program. GHP is a four-week summer instructional program designed to provide intellectually gifted and artistically talented high school students with challenging and enriching educational opportunities not usually available during the regular school year.  The 16 sophomores and juniors selected will represent FCS in the GHP state interviews to be held in January and February.  

GHP will take place on the campus of Berry College for the fourth time this summer. Rising juniors and seniors in Georgia public and private high schools are eligible to be nominated by their teachers to participate in the program. The program is fully funded by the Georgia General Assembly, so there is no charge for students to attend. For four weeks, students spend the morning in their major area of nomination, exploring topics not usually found in the regular high school classroom. During the afternoons, students choose one of the other areas in which to study. The curriculum in all areas is challenging and engaging. Evenings are filled with seminars, activities, concerts, and performances.  

Each applicant must go through a very extensive selection process to be invited to participate in the program.  Transcripts of grades and records, nomination forms, endorsements, and other pertinent information are submitted to substantiate the nominations and the students must interview with a local screening committee. 

Congratulations to the following 16 District finalists and three alternates for GHP. They will represent FCS in the next level of competition.

Coosa High School
Aviana Brook Carlton, sophomore, Science- Chemistry
Emily Grace Harris, junior, Communicative Arts
Sarah Catherine Jenkins, sophomore, Science- Chemistry
Kara Joanna Long, junior, Visual Arts
William Hunter Martin, junior, Social Studies

Model High School
Eli Anderson Abdou, junior, Science- Biology
Sarai Eubanks, sophomore, Mathematics
Alexia Danielle Fowler, junior, Communicative Arts
Tessa Mae Knowles, junior, Visual Arts
Terry Lee Lynn, sophomore, Dance
Rosalind Pack, sophomore, Mathematics
Kendell Jai Pewitt, junior, Science- Biology
Hayden Noah Robinson, junior, Communicative Arts
Tristen Davis Sprayberry, junior, Mathematics

Pepperell High School
Jaiden Isabella Mickley, junior, Theatre
Carter Wayne Nelson, junior, Music- Voice: Treble, Tenor, Bass

William Jacob Green, Pepperell High, sophomore, Agriculture Research, Biotechnology, and Science
Luke Naddy, Model High, sophomore, Mathematics
Phillip Rylan Osborne, Coosa High, sophomore, Science- Chemistry

Major instructional areas are communicative arts (English), foreign languages, mathematics, science, social studies, visual art, theatre, music, dance, design, technology, and executive management. Instruction is also provided in four support areas -- computers, counseling, library/media, and physical fitness.

Students also select a minor area outside their major area of study. These include all the major instructional areas as well as additional offerings that reflect the interests and abilities of the instructional staff. All performing groups are open to the entire student body and include orchestra, band, chorus, and theatre.