Moon Pie Fundraiser!

Good evening, Cave Spring!

I hope you have had a chance to speak with your child about our Moon Pie Fundraiser kickoff that starts today, August 8. We have boxes of Moon Pies to sell and we need your help.

The top selling homeroom gets to turn me into a human ice cream sundae. The top seller for the school gets to ride in the principal's chair taxi and gets a special lunch with the principal.

If you sell 1 or more boxes, you get to participate in a snowball battle. For two boxes or more, you get to participate in an outside inflatable party. For three boxes or more, you can roll the principal into a mummy and you win a dried scorpion trick. For five boxes or more, you can race toy pigs for prizes. And for seven boxes or more, you win a Webkinz stuffed animal, splat ball, and magic coin game.

If you would like for your child to participate in the fundraiser to help us purchase online instructional materials, please drop by the school anytime to pick up a box and sign the waiver for the sale. Parents must pick up the boxes to ensure they make it home safely. Each box sells for $36, or $1 a Moon Pie, or $9 a carton. As always, donations to the school are acceptable if you do not want to sell.

I hope you can help us meet our fundraising goal to raise over $4,000 this year!